This is the first lettering project I ever created.

I came across this annonymous quote online and was inspired by the message. People look at beautiful things with envy. We often forget that every seemingly flawless person has gone through some amount of struggle in their life. Witnessing a beautiful thing, person, or even circumstance is only the tip of the iceberg. Looking deeper, it is clear that every flower must grow through dirt. This message is also along the lines of the notion that nothing worth having comes easy.

If you know where this quote came from, please inform me!
After a few colour explorations in Illustrator, I moved the composition into Photoshop to add texture.

I chose a colour palette reminiscent of vintage botanical prints for the final composition. I used grainy textures quite heavily to represent the quality of dirt. I also added a gradient of colours to the word 'flower' for visual interest.