My Artistic Mind
Acrylic on canvas 

 Breath (100x100 cm)  
  In touched (100x100 cm)
A new dawn (100x100cm)
Kali Yantra (50x50 cm)
(10x10 cm) (privat owner)
You (55x37) (Privat owner)
Me (56x38 cm)
 Incognito (49x60 cm)
Shouting out (27x35)
High in the air (privat owner)
Reflections (24x18 cm)
The Rose (40x40 cm)
Moonrais (privat owner)
Bird of light (24x18 cm) (Privat ownwe)
Splitting in two (50x50 cm)
Life on Mars (50x50 cm)
In the step (41x31cm)
Space (40x40 cm)
  Cloudy night (20x20 cm) 
In between
In to the sea (49x60 cm)
Beware (90x70 cm)
Icebreaker (100x100 cm)
Rebirth (privat owner)
Caught by the wind (100x100 cm)
(70x50 cm)
The transient world (100x100 cm)
Outerspace (89x70 cm) Privat owner
(privat owner)
The end is found in the beginning (69x60 cm)
Walking on ice
Birth (privat owner)
Exitement (privat owner)
Materia (50x50 cm)
Free falling (privat owner)
Peace of mind (privat owner)
The point of silent (50x50 cm)