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    The Cover Story Design of Wired Italia - July / August 2015 issue
This is the cover story design for Wired Italia - July/August 2015 about "The 100 Best Tv Series"
The story has been divided in 4 sections, each one opened by an illustration which represent a specific television genre:
- Fantastico (illustration by Cosimo Galluzzi): in english is "Fantastical" and include subgenres like sci-fi, horror and fantasy
- Crime (Illustration by Clay Rodery): all the series about cops and criminals
- Commedia (Illustration by Juan Esteban Rodriguez): in english "Comedy" which includes sit-coms and family series
- Drama (Illustration by Doaly): all the series about dramatic events or intrigues
The entire cover story is opened by an internal cover with a photo by Andrew B. Myers
For this project I curated the Art Direction of all illustrations and the Layout Design
Art Director of the magazine and Cover magazine: Corrado Garcia
Cover magazine illustration by Giacomo Gambineri / Internal Cover Story photo by Andrew B. Myers
Illustration by Cosimo Galuzzi
Illustration by Clay Rodery
Illustration by Juan Esteban Rodriguez
Illustration by Doaly
One of the double spread of the story
Another double spread of the story