Logos, symbols & logotypes since 1998
1998 — New logo proposal for czech rubber company Gumárny Zubří (Unrealized)
1998 — Logo for South Bohemia Music Festival (Unrealized)
1998 — An engineering company Rotox. (Unrealized)
2007 — Real estate company ALL-IN (Unrealized)
2010 — Singltrek is the first single track trail system in the Czech Republic designed for the mountain biking in nature
2010 — Logo & invitation for Jarmila Štuková's photo exhibition Africa Unframed
2011 — OpenBrand was my start-up project. It was a collaborative platform for brand asset management
with a huge know-how fund how to create brand and produce all branded touch points. (Not available now)

2012 — Logotype for multidisciplinary team specializing in branding. Founded by Tomáš Hrivnák.
The name of founder was a base of play with letters.
2013 — Symbol and set of pictograms for a local veterinary clinic EMVET. The name is an abbreviation of Meloun (owner's family name emphasized initial "EM") and VETerinary. And that's why all animals are slightly shaped to the letter "M".
2013 — Logo for a technology company Productify.
This symbol was developed from their motto: Ideas + Productivity + Life. (Unrealized)
2013 — Logo for a Prague based creative PR agency
Logos since 1998

Logos since 1998

My logo designed since 1998.