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    Non-official / local version of movie "Habemus Papam" for cinema theater "Pasaka"
AD McCann Erickson Vilnius
Art house cinema in Vilnius, Lithuania asked us to promote an italian movie. The movie, Habemus Papam by Nanni Moretti, is about a newly elected Pope that contemplates the acceptance of his title dressed as a citizen in the streets of Rome. 

We had zero budget, but that didn't limit our ambitions. Our insight was simple – the Pope is also a human being. The main idea was to cut the Pope out of his dogmatic and holy environment and paste him in civic surroundings. Vilnius is in a way similar to Rome - both are very religious. That's why a Pope in the streets of Vilnius is highly unexpected and surprising. So we asked the actor to stroll around Vilnius oldtown. The reactions took it from the streets and appeared in social networks and press. 

Then there was the photoshoot of the movie poster, depicting the Pope eating cepelinai – the national dish of Lithuania – in a folk-style restaurant. After the posters were hung, we created a VIP invitation to the screening of the movie just before Christmas. We used a very catholic thing here – a Christmas wafer. It‘s a Lithuanian and Polish tradition to share it between family members before the Christmas Eve dinner.
So basically the ATL campaign, or the posters for the movie, were a conclusion and a revelation to the question "What is the Pope doing in the streets of Vilnius?". And the movie itself was a final broader answer to the same question.

Art Director - Ignas Kozlovas
Copywriter - Kotryna Sokolovaitė
Designer - Arnas Bagdonas, Ignas Kozlovas
Photography - T&V Creep Photographers