Liverpool is a City in England based on the North Western waterfront of England. Some of the larger cities around Europe have a flag but Liverpool doesn't, this is my proposal.

The Flag
City of Liverpool Flag
About the Flag

The City of Liverpool flag contains a single wave, this relates to the River Mersey that is at the forefront of Liverpool.

The town was founded in 1207 by King John. The Coat of Arms contains six symbols, each referring to water in one
form or another. The town originally consisted of 7 streets which has been represented in the number of ripples, as shown below.
Liverpool Coat of Arms
Badge design
The Identity

As well as the flag, I am proposing an Identity to support the City of Liverpool brand. This is to be used in any
promotional material.

Application example
Headline type — ITC Grouch  |  Body / support type — Avenir Next LT Pro