'Flaschenkino' - translated from German, the word means 'bottled cinema'. And that's exactly what this project is: bottled cinema that functions as an immersive experience made of lights, colours, and motion. 
Using a Viva con Agua bottle and a mobile phone to display tailor-made content, Flaschenkino was created to promote the 'culturally-driven' non-traditional NGO Viva con Agua. Viva con Agua's mandate is to provide clean drinking water worldwide, and they use a whole slew of cool apporaches to getting the word out - concerts, parties, fashion shows, football matches, marathons, exhibitions, and even massages. There are no limits to the creativity of Viva con Agua and its supporters.

Along with Optix, Redpinata, and nhb video GmbH, Tendril created animated content for this Viva con Agua film to view with the project's app and a Viva con Agua bottle. 
So, how exactly does it work?
Download and open the Flaschenkino app (soon available - register here for the latest news). Select the video you want to watch. Position the smartphone over a table and a Viva con Agua bottle on top of it. Look through the bottle hole and enjoy. To enhance the experience, we recommend to watch the video in a dark room and use headphones. And thanks to the Flaschenkino app, you have your own portable cinema experience!
In terms of the content itself that we created for the project, we were given total freedom to create what we wished. It was an exciting challenge to work within the scope of a tiny circular screen. We did several tests to understand the best way to se this view and format; we even built a simulator in After Effects to get as close to realtime simulation as possible. 
Getting behind a good cause is always worthwhile, especially when it involves great creative and technologically innovative approaches to conveying the message. We had a blast working on this project - be sure to check out the simulated teaser to get the 'Flaschenkino' experience if you're without a Viva con Agua bottle and the app!

Featured here is the full animated film, as viewed through a 'Flaschenkino'.

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Fernando Silvestrin, Christiano Rocco

Cobblestone Filmproduction GmbH:

Executive Producer: 
Philipp Schmalriede

Ulla Vogel

Flaschenkino Logo Animation:
Cobblestone inhouse

Tendril Toronto:

Executive Producer:
Kate Bate

Leah Wesolowski

Ccreative Directors:
Alexandre Torres + Christopher Bahry

Gabriel Rocha

Gabriel Rocha, Rodrigo Rezende, Guilherme Twardowski

Gabriel Rocha, Rodrigo Rezende, Guilherme Twardowski, Luis Suárez
Optix Hamburg GmbH:

Thomas Harig

Art Direction:
Sonja Theill

Redpinata Film-und Medienproduktion:

Cedric Stein

Art Director + Motion Design:
Stephen Ullrich

3D Artist:
Sonja Mohr

3D Trainee:
Marcin Chyb
nhb video GmbH:

Senior Creative Producer:
Felicitas Stahnke

Motion Design Director:
Vitor Hugo Aguiar

Objects in Cinema 4D:
Lisa Scheumer

Objects in Cinema 4D, Camera in Cinema 4D, Compositing in Nuke: 
Lennert Schrader

Hahn Nitzsche Studios GmbH / Georg Hahn

Nordmeister / Malte Hagemeister, Kristian Nord

Voice over english:
Katherine Smithson
Viva con Agua / Experimental Film for NGO

Viva con Agua / Experimental Film for NGO

'Flaschenkino' - translated from German, the word means 'bottled cinema'. And that's exactly what this project is: bottled cinema that functions Read More
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