Dario Argento serie - The Bird with the crystal plumage
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    Handmade silkscreen realized to celebrate the movies of Dario Argento, italian, master of horror
L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo
The first in Dario Argento poster serie
Dark City Gallery in collaboration with Malleus will be releasing 9 movie posters, celebrating the key films of Italian horror master Dario Argento.Malleus will be creating the entire poster series, so expect something extraordinary!
Several Dario Argento themed events and special screenings will be taking place in and around London in 2012.This will be the perfect place to see the amazing artwork of Malleus with your own eyes. So stay tuned!

We now proudly present the very first print from this exciting series: 'The Bird With The Crystal Plumage'.
We realized:a REGULAR EDITION, Handmade silkscreen - ltd of 175 pieces -8 colors on heavy paper
a VARIANT EDITION, Handmade silkscreen - ltd of 70 pieces, 8 colors plus sparkling red glitter  on heavy paper.

Check the process here below!
And as You'll see, we had some problem with mispellings:-)