Happy New Year and the Farmers Market

Publication: www.adecentidea.com

Production and direction: Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi
Styling: Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi
Photographer: Candy kennedy
Assistant photographer: Mark Laurence Sherman
Assistant stylist: Christan Summers & Karine Gras-Lamothe
Hair: Kazuko Kitaoka
Make up: Mayumi Oda
Location: Paris
Model, host and Energy booster: Cedric Benetti

New year's retouching and editing: Chrystel Plischke-Livolsi

We shot this editorial in Paris in the pretty rue Montorgueil between all the fabulous little shops and markets stalls. It was a crazy day on location carrying many suitcases and equipment around....
The pic was the baguette was so cute that I decided to edit it for new year...
Wishing the year ahead was:
Full of sweet surprises like buying bread and discovering it's still hot coming straight from the oven
Warm like when carrying it in the streets in winter
Tasty and fulfilling like eating the crust and top of the "baguette" in the street while it's still warm
Naughty , knowing you shouldn't eat it all before reaching home and must leave some for the family....
It's like my "madeleine de Proust" but it's also how I'd like the year ahead to be ;-)