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    The Lost Tourists CD Layout and Merch Designs
The Lost Tourists "Watch Out for the Media"
CD Layout and Merch Designs
I really enjoyed working on this because the band was (1) really open to let me do what I thought would work, (2) were great to work with and (3) actually paid me (grin).

I've done a lot of freelance work for indie/unsigned bands which is usually a process, but I lucked out and got work with a good friend I had been wanting to do a project with for some time. I'm not sure if the band is still together, as I know my friend has moved on to a few bands since, but if you're interested in the music, I think you can find them on Interpunk.

CD Layout:
1. Cover and back cover, 2/3. Shots of the printed pieces, 4. Inside spread, 5. Back tray card, 6/7. Inside tray card and shot of the printed piece, 8. CD Label

1. Branded piece (to pricey to print), 2. "Kanji" Graphic Tee, 3. "Souvenir Shop" Graphic Tee