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    Our entry for Kidlat E. Zobel Diwa Awards 2015
Create a sense of urgency on the need to uplift the state of Philippine Arts and Culture.
Government agencies and its officials, the private sector and the general public.
Not enough is being done to uplift and propagate Filipino arts and culture—despite a rich heritage and people known for being prolific and creative.
We have produced world-class and awarded artists from different fields, not just from the distant past but also at present. Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna, Ben Cabrera and Ronald Ventura in the Visual Arts. In Writing, we have Jose Rizal, Virgilio Almario, and F. Sionil Jose. In Music, we have Jovita Fuentes, Lucio San Pedro, Levi Celerio and the Philippine Madrigal Singers. In Dance, we have Alice Reyes, Lucresia Urtula of the Bayanihan Dance Group and Lisa Macuja. For Cinema, we have Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Eddie Romero. In Theater Arts, we have Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero, Atang dela Rama, Rolando Tinio, as well as our Broadway stars Leo Valdez and Lea Salonga. And we have even more indigenous artists like Lang Dulay, the Dreamweaver from South Cotabato.
But, fine arts such as those mentioned are are seen as elitist or high-faluting. Which should not be the case.
What kind of arts and culture do the masses recognize and enjoy? What is being promoted in the daily lives of Filipinos all over the country?
When you ask people to dance, they will do the Ocho-ocho or Spaghetting Pababa.
When you ask them to sing, they will choose “Pusong Bato.”
And when they write, it’s “text language” or jeje.
And the top Filipino movie would be My Little Bossing.
This may be pop culture but this should not dictate nor encompass contemporary Filipino culture.
We have so much talent that can make our nation proud. We should nurture and promote it so that we can share it with the world and amongst ourselves. In doing so, we are cultivating a vibrant cultural scene that reflects current Philippine society; fostering a progressive art landscape that provokes Filipinos to question, feel and think for ourselves.
Wake up to the sad, sorry state of Philippine arts and culture.