This is my title
Some type of sub-title is a portfolio site I developed for an Austin television photojournalist who wanted a place to showcase both his video work and his still photography. The photographer wanted to take advantage of the social media channels he was already using and be able to easily update his site with his latest works.

I developed his site in Wordpress by creating a customized child theme and integrating videos through his YouTube channel. The photography needs only to upload his latest videos to a YouTube gallery, and they will automatically appear on his website. There are also links to his Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.

The resume page makes use of javascript to expand and close sections for easy reading. All of the sections are open when a user first opens the page. The sidebar is customized to each page, so the photojournalist can comment on the contents of his work, without clutter.
The photographer can upload his videos to YouTube and they will automatically appear on his website, depending on what gallery he adds them to. The home page displays a featured video.
The experience section uses javascript to expand and contract sections of his resume for easy reading.
The resume section expanded.
This is the video page, which uses a general gallery from the photographer's YouTube channel.