Our Food recipe book

The Brief: Create a cook book using the photographs taken by the author as the main graphic elements.
The Challenge: Develope a uniform look & feel for the book inspired by buzz words such as: rustic, Italian, home, family, tradition, delicious, chic/classy, luxury and keepsake. All photographs provided so just pagination, layout and production to be done.
The Outcome: This client is a fellow creative and was completely comfortable with giving me free reign over the entire design of the book from cover to cover. While going through her images for the book, I spotted a photograph she had taken of an old oven pan that she still uses today (the client is also a chef) and this photograph was an immediate inspiration to me. In fact, this was the photograph used for the cover of the book (the rustic blue texture seen is an aerial shot of the inside of the dish, which we blew up to use as a wrap-around image for the cover). This photograph inspired the rustic, yet chic blue theme which unifies the book. I also advised her to get a matte laminate on the book cover instead of gloss because this finish compliments the look & feel of the book more that gloss would.

This project was, by far, one of my favourites that I have had the pleasure fo working on.