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    Intimate things connect people so they can connect intimately.
the beauty of needing each other
the beauty of nature
I create potsbecause I have an intimate connection with them. They are enticing and shouldbe made to touch, caress, and handle. Pots make daily life more colorful, moreintimate, and more restful. I am interested in connecting with others throughthese objects, installing stillness into their daily lives and subtlycommanding them to come together and share intimate time with good people andto care for themselves.

Pots connect meto the world. Vessels allow me to share warm times with friends and completestrangers. I am able to play a role in the few calm minutes one might spenddrinking tea from a cup that has been thoughtfully formed to fit their hand. Myhand can touch theirs, and I can somehow share time and the decision to berestful with them. Pots honor and compliment nutritious food that nurtures ourbodies. They help us care for ourselves by slowing us down. This is how Icontribute and make the world better.

Clay has thepower to connect people, cultivate community, and sustain life. Because ofthis, I am interested in forms that encourage people to incorporate morerituals in their lives that that bring them closer in physical space. I wantothers to reflect on how we are all intimately connected with the natural worldand each other. I want to bring attention to beautiful, natural forms thatalready exist. I make forms that need each other, that become stronger whenplaced together, and are intimate. These forms touch the lips and enter sacredplaces of other human beings, so I take on this task with respect and greatcare, making sure these vessels are comforting.