War & Peace, Paperback & Hardcover Editions
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    Paperback and Hardcover editions of War&Peace by Lev Tolstoy. Cover Design and Typesetting.
War & Peace
Cover Design & Typesetting
* Disclaimer* This project was developed during my MA at the University of Reading, where I attended the Book Design course. These are not Faber and Faber Ltd books, just dummies. The F&F logo has been used merely as a part of an exercise to make the mockups more realistic.
What I did for this project / This version of War & Peace was addressed in the brief as particular edition: it was a new translation, and the french passages in the text were kept in the original language (so there were several long notes trought the book). I worked on the whole concept for two different editions (a paperback for students, and a richer trade version), did the typesetting (not displayed in these pictures), the ornaments and the cover design.
 Paperback Edition
Inspired by decorations of Siberian wooden houses, I draw a series of vector ornaments I combined to create the illustration for the covers and some totem poles I used in the book (title page and openings of each part of the volumes). 

For the horse, I took the liberty to quote the work of Stefan Kanchev, drawing a slightly different version of his I found in his stamps.
Size: Paperback Format A, 130 x 198t mm
Typeface: Clarion (by Robin Nicholas)
Title page
 Hardcover Edition
Size: Super Royal Octavo, 10.25'' x 6.34''
Typeface: Dolly (by Underware)
Spine, detail
Title page