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    My Gothic Surrealistic illustrations.
I've always been fascinated by the Gothic Surrealistic art style. illustrators like Edward Gorey and John Kenn inspire me greatly. I always joked with my friends saying that "If John Kenn's work is so appealing to me, Kenn Lam, then perhaps in the future, an aspiring illustrator named Lam *something* will look up to my work as well!". 

Without further ado, I give you my own little collection of Gothic Surrealistic sketches. 
My favorite character, Fiddlesticks from the popular online PC game, League of Legends. I tried a more grungy approach to this sketch, to suit Fiddlestick's crazy and spooky nature. 
During my trip to Europe, in Venice, a pigeon flew toward me and landed on my head. This inspired me to illustrate a summary of my time in Venice. Beautiful, peaceful and full of pigeons. 
The general idea of this page is "Cloak".
"The boy and the Vulture". Heavily inspired by the cheerful element John Kenn slips into his illustrations
A rough plan.