This project was initially for a local magazine called Obrigado in an article about fantasy getaways. Out of a bunch of fantastic themes I ended up with Hogsmeade. Super cool, I know! Hope you enjoy the brief process of this piece. Thanks for checking it out.
I always start every illustration by gathering reference material. I looked at hundreds of travel posters for inspiration. I hunted down as much imagery of Hogsmeads as I could aswell as snowy paintings from other great artists. I was most excited about the skew and crooked architecture of the Hogsmeade chimneys.
I try to treat the final phase of the illustration like video grading. I add subtle color filters and textures aswell as atmospheric perspective.
The final illustration changed a fair amount. I added Hedwig to the foreground, some foot prints in the snow and light reflections from the windows. The chimneys I felt needed some smoke and lots and lots of snow. I had a great time working on this piece.
You can find the print for sale on my INPRNT Store