Entrepreneur Magazine Masthead, Titles and Column
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    The masthead and titles for Entrepreneur magazine's re-design. CD by Brandon Kavula
We were asked to re-design the masthead and interior titles for Entrepreneur magazine.
My first contribution to Entrepreneur magazine’s back page.  A regular column titled Resolutely Difficult Advice “Just Start. The entrepreneurial spirit is one marked by action— followed by mistakes and failure— then, more action. But, starting is the hardest part. Too many of us are waiting to start. Waiting for permission from our boss, or the weather to clear up or the economy to boom. Just start. There is no secret handshake or special instructions. No one is standing in your way but you. You choose to be notorious. You choose to become the hero of your own life. Start and don’t stop— momentum is your friend. Just start.” From the November 2015 issue.