We were commissioned by BigFoot Entertainment to create this air-crash sequence for  DeepGold (2011) - the first 3D independent film. Since the production didn't provide us with any practical elements, we had to create everything using CG, including the ocean, clouds and backdrops which are based on several still frames.
Our biggest challenge was creating the crash shot:
Achieve the huge water impact, took about 25 million particles - simulated using Realflow and rendered through Krakatoa. All the rest was done in Maya and composited using Nuke & After Effects.
All-in-all, it took us about a 5 weeks of work.

Visual Effects by YASHINSKI Studio

Lead 3D Artist - Vuk Epstein
Lead Compositor - Yaron Yashinski
Produced for BigFoot Corporation (2011)

This video was created by YASHINSKI Studio.

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