Elbjazz Festival 2015.
A mix of Jazz and the sea. 
In 2010 an annual event began in Hamburg’s harbor: the ELBJAZZ Festival. Since then the festival has maintained a wide scope and continued to incorporate many styles of jazz in its innovative and international line-up. There’s a problem though – jazz just isn’t cool anymore, or at least that’s what journalists say. How can we convince them otherwise?
We created a hard-to-ignore mailer to change our audience’s minds about jazz. Hamburg harbor’s maritime charm was incorporated into a modern, mini­malistic design enveloping an exclusive vinyl record from the 2014 ELBJAZZ Festival. 
At first glance the mailer seems to be a simple album cover, but pull at the corners as instructed and the once flat object transforms into a ship. The vinyl record inside is lifted up and becomes the sail of the ship, invites the recipient to put it on the record player and sail away into the smooth world of jazz.
Agency: KOREFE. Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung.
Client:  Elbjazz Festival 2015.