May 2015
Premiered during "ELEKTRA Festival" and "IX 2015, Immersion Experience Symposium"
@ Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Montreal, Canada
Solenoid is a 15 minutes long audio/visual piece created as a fulldome performance, commissioned to Istanbul based Studio Ouchhh and directed by Ferdi Alıcı for 2nd edition of IX, Immersion Experience Symposium. Ouchhh offered me a collaboration with their team as a visual artist and I produced a part approx. 7 minutes long for the project emphasizing the concept of magnetism.
photo credit: Can Buyukberber / from left to right: Biosphere by architect Buckminster Fuller / Allegra Fuller Snyder's opening speech / Labodome at SAT  / Scott Fisher on VR
 "IX welcomes artists, researchers, educators, producers and distributors, so that all share knowledge and experience with immersive and interactive technologies, and the art emerging from them."
photo credit: ©
Direction&Animation: Ouchhh, Director: Ferdi Alici
Concept Development: Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu  Project Manager: Selay Karasu
Lead Visual Artist: Can Buyukberber
A/V Artists: Bahadır Dagdelen, Can Buyukberber, Eylul Duranagac, Ferdi Alici, Selay Karasu
Sound Design: Mehmet Unal
photo credit: ©
Visuals below are from the part that I produced:
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