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    My graffiti works in 2O1O / 2O11
· Graffiti projects of me and my crew ·
·One for all & All for one·
Project: "Safe Ground for Red Breasts"
Wildlife sanctuary - Shabla
Project: " One bird doesn't make a spring"  for Graffiti Fest "Wall in the Mall"
Stara Zagora / Bulgaria
140 ideas
Project: NightView  Sofia 2O1O
140 ideas
Project:: "Veterinary center Saint Antim"
·140 ideas·
Project: "After the Ice" Exhibition
artists: JRMN , Flak
Project:  Greffiti Fest - "Urban Creatures" - Sofia
Artists: JRMN, Flak
Project: "Sea Creatures" / Sprite Festival - Varna, Bulgaria
Artists: Flak, JRMN, Yeto, Isak
Project: Shumen in the silence
Street art exhibition  -  Shumen / Bulgaria
Project: "Save the Raptors"
for "The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds"

Project: "Frog"
artists: Yeto, JRMN
Project: Pet shop "King"
Artists: Yeto, Flak, JRMN
Project: "Vinarka"
artists: JRMN, Flak
Project: "Sofia Breath" - Street art exhibition in Sofia Design Week 2O11
Project: "Forever toys, forever young"
Calligraphy by Flak
Bird by Teleto
Project : Sfumato Theater's Small Season
Project: "Concrete jungle" - details
artists: JRMN , Flak
Project: "The Original Rasta
artists: Flak, JRMN
Project for "
Project: "Portraets" - in progress
Artists: Flak, JRMN
"High in the clouds, Deep in the hearts"
RIP Madlena
Project: "We are what we eat"
Project: "Reality Check"
Artists: Flak, JRMN, Yeto
Project: "Life's Good" for "JAM ON IT 11"
Big up XPOME
Project: b-boy jam "JAM ON IT 12"
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