The Challenge

One in three secondary school students and one in five primary school students have reported that they were victims of cyberbullying. Victims of bullying suffer from psychological, emotional, and physical hurt and in serious cases; suicidal.
With the ease of access to technology and higher internet penetration rate, it is easy and often attractive for young people to bring traditional bullying onto an online platform. 
How can we combat cyberbully among youths and to prevent the increasing trend of cyber bully?

The Insights

Even though the youth know it’s wrong, youths still resort to cyber bullying as a source of entertainment and ignore the feelings of others. 1 in 10 victims of cyber abuse do not confide in a trusted adult and 1 in 4 youths regret social media posts. Often victims have no one to turn to for advice and blame themselves for getting bullied. Therefore, there exists a need for youths to have something on hand to turn to for help when dealing with cyber abuse.

The Solution
MediaCorp Young Lions Competition 2015
Client: Singapore Children's Society
Agency: JWT SIngapore

Art Director: Wilson Foong
Copywriter: David Chow