Craft Cluster Initiative for documentation of the craft of Sanjhi
As part of the Craft Cluster Initiative at NIFT, each department documents one or many crafts. Our department documented the craft of Sanjhi – a devotional craft of Mathura & Vrindavan.
The craft is practiced during Shradh- the time period when the priests worship and remember their ancestors. It is done to worship the love of  the devotees for Radha and Krishna.

Primary Research
We visited the Sanjhi artisans in Vrindavan in October 2010. Most of the artisans were priests or members of the family of priests of various temples in Vrindavan. We interviewed them and documented the whole process through videos, short films, photographs, notes and collection of samples.

Secondary Research
We collected more information, short stories and data on the craft through sources such as books, journals and the internet.

We chose to narrate the process of the craft through a short film, keeping 'devotion' as the main theme for all communication collaterals. We created a hypothetical event 'Sanjhi Utsav' for the screening of the film. For the event, we created posters, a promotional calendar, a small set-up, greeting cards, CD covers and stickers and a publication that serves as a coffee table book and narrates the story of the craft.