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    Autor: Repina Tatjana Teachers: Cheburashkin Kirill Cheburashkina Elena Graduate work 2014
The idea was inspired by the need to place kitchen units freely in the working or living area.
Simple 'toylike' design and colourful wood creates a unique and relaxing friendly image.
Each module is intended for one of electrical appliances (microwave oven, coffee-machine etc.) and its accessories such as cups, plates, cutlery, tea,
coffee etc. The module shape accentuates the idea of all-in-one independent capsule.
The Capsular Microkitchen objects may be easily located all around the interior, wherever they are needed.
It is possible to order a different modification according to your needs.

The prototype was presented at Isaloni 2014 in Moscow and Homi Milano 2015.

Materials used:
-Veneer sheet (plywood)
-Laminated Veneer Lumber
-Eco-friendly coating (wax oil, coloured/colourless)