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    This project briefly explains about technology and online accessories .
Halloween is the time of year that has the other holidays jealous. The kids are trick or treating, the colleges are having awesome parties, and the adults are enjoying a night at home (if they are lucky.) Halloween stores, however, have not been so lucky. Technology is beginning to replace the seasonal party stores. Many people are now realizing you can get a higher quality costume or set of accessories online for half the price of retail shopping, without making the timely trip to the store.  Your kids can pick out what they want online without sorting through all of the choices in person, while taking up all your time.
    In recent years, there has been a huge demand for online shopping. Many department stores have created entire departments dedicated to advertising and giving support to at home consumers. With this huge increase in demand, many seasonal retail outlets, such as costume and accessory stores, have moved their entire business to purely online based only. This has saved them the time of moving into a location and moving out every year. The customers also have benefited, because many of the same costumes you can get at retail stores are marked down tremendously because the businesses have far less expenses. Many families and individuals everywhere are really enjoying this change because of this.
    A great example of this would be Kostumer. Kostomer is a former all retail costume and accessories outlet that now does most of their business online. Although they still maintain a retail location, they are only open on certain days and use the rest of the time to cater to online customers at very reasonable prices. Another prime example would be party city. Party city now offers very limited retail locations but does most of their business online. Many of their retail locations are still offered because there are still active deals that allow them to have the locations. However, they have cut some of their smaller stores. Moving in and out each year can be a hassle so it has become much easier for the customer and the retailer itself to offer exclusive online deals.
    It does not stop at costumes, however. You can also shop for online decorations. Stores like Kostomer have many year round accessories available for everyone. Many accessory stores used to have trouble catering to customers because of low margins and a need to have very large quantities of many different items. Now with exclusive online shopping, you can get great small accessories, many times with free shipping because the packages are small, for an even cheaper price than in store. Many party enthusiast and ravers are flooding to the internet to get the best party gear at extremely reasonable prices. These accessories can include lights, face-paint, masks, and gloves. You can even get fake hair, contacts, and glasses!
    Overall, consumers, employees, and the retail outlets themselves have all benefited from this change. Customers are enjoying the very low cost, fast shipping, and huge selection of online carnival and accessory shops. Retail shopping has now almost become a hassle due to the extremely convenient online shopping options. With the money saving opportunity, the change that technology has had on the costume, carnival, and accessories industry has been overall positive. The retailers are getting more customers, saving money, and employing people. Meanwhile, the consumers are able to buy better quality items quickly and efficiently. I have no doubt that this industry will thrive again like it once did. When you can get amazing prices on such cool things, why not?