Photography for the Dutch tv programme Joris' Showroom
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    Photography for the Dutch human interest television programme Joris' Showroom.
Photography Dutch television programme 
Joris' Showroom
Twelve extraordinary people

Reid lives together with his wife Cornelie in an old lighthouse at the east coast of ‘het IJsselmeer’. Reid used to be an architect, but refused to participate in the modern times of asphalt and concrete. In the sixties he left his profession and started living like he wanted the world and The Netherlands to be. Reid and Cornelie make their own clothes, cultivate their own vegetables live without electricity of heating. He is also the mastermind behind the ‘strontrace’, a rough sailing race for antique boats.

In the floodplain of the Dutch river ‘de Waal’ lives Henk. Together with his dogs he leads a extraordinary free life in the rough and impressive rural area. Henk is homeless, since he is banned out of the village where he used to live. He sleeps in an old caravan on the grounds of a abandoned brick factory. The caravan is given by his children, who visit their father frequently. They are not happy with his situation, but Henk surely doesn’t want to leave his beloved environment.

Frans and Cees

The elderly gay couple Frans en Cees lives in the north of The Netherlands at a remote rural estate. They made it their own paradise. Frans designed and build eigth pavilions, each in a complete different style. They also have a large bunch of animals. In the old days they used to own a antique shop. Now they lead a relaxed life.


Jan is ‘pierensteker’. Large parts of the day he can be found on the beach of the small island Vlieland, north of The Netherlands. With his dog he lives in a boat at the harbor. At the beach he digs for earthworms. Those worms are used as bait for fishers on the island. His craft is dying. Possibly Jan is the only ‘pierensteker’ left in The Netherlands.

Peter and Ernst

The two brothers Peter en Ernst are pilgrims. They also share a love for the medieval way of life, as seen in their clothing. Peter en Ernst attempt to live very meditative, eco friendly and pure. Together the brothers have done a lot of pilgrimages. On pilgrimage they eat things they find alongside the road and try to find a place to sleep in churches.


In a small village in the south of The Netherlands lives Thijske. He’s a farmer. A very timid, thoughtful and calm one who has a great heart for all his animals. The farm where he lives is his birth house and he lives there alone now since both his parents died. It’s a lonely life. There are days he doesn’t have to talk. In his spare time he makes very beautiful miniature bronze bulls.


Artist and inventor Gerard lives in his own world. To escape from reality he invented his own empire. Monera Carkos Vlado, complete with anthem and self designed flag. Gerards home / empire is a bit like a museum, with lots of antique and homemade clocks. He even made little working steam-engines and trains. Beautiful refined and precise pieces of technique.


Donald is a self taught historian and a walking encyclopedia of dynasties of Indonesia. He’s also a prince, since he married a Indonesian princes some years ago. At the other hand Donald lives in a small apartment building and works at a factory as a lift truck driver for his maintenance.


Oeg, a big chunky man, used to have his own riding-school, loads of money and a speedboat. At a certain moment he realised that all those materialistic things made him unhappy. He wasn’t satisfied with his life and sold everything. Now he lives on a quiet spot behind a dike in a caravan. But only one half of the year. The other half he travels round the world. At this very moment Oeg is in Thailand, where his wife lives.

The whole series can be seen on my website

The television programme can be watched on the website of the NCRV.