Toffie Pop Culture Festival
Develop a communication campaign for the third Toffie Popular Culture Festival

For each artist that will be speaking at the Toffie Festival, a strange, out of the ordinary dress has been created that represents what he or she specializes in. The idea of making dresses came from the tradition of wearing costumes at festivals. A total of five artists that will be attending the Toffie festival, have been chosen: Gert Johan Coetzee, (Fashion designer), Michael Sphar (journalist and filmmaker), Jamie Oliver (chef), Leslie Iwerks (filmmaker), and Daito Manabe (Programmer, composer, DJ, computer/human interaction). Each of these artists create a different category for the festival, namely, for Fashion design, a dress was created out of measuring tapes. For journalism, the dress was created from newspapers, the chef’s dress was made out of plastic teaspoons, the filmmaker’s dress from film tape, and the Programmer/DJ made out of cd’s.

Each dress was made through the repetition of one specific material (spoons, measuring tapes etc.). This links to the fact that Pop culture functions through mass production.
Logo with additional festival iformation. It represents a simplified eye of a doll.
Poster of Fashion doll, dress handmade of measuring tapes.
Poster of journalist doll. Dress handmade of newspapers.
Poster of chef doll. Handmade of plastic spoons.
Poster of Programmer/DJ doll. Dress handmade of cds.
Poster of filmmaker doll. Dress handmade of film tape
Combined journalist and programmer dolls poster.
Brosure front
Inside spread. Further upcoming spreads have not been photographed, as the flat computer files are clearer.

Wall application