The Nike Air Zoom Elite 8. So fast it comes with an air bag. 
Have you ever wondered what was inside the Air Zoom Elite 8 that made you so fast? Well, we've got the answer right here, in the form of an 8-cylinder, 500hp, rocket-powered airbag.
Part I - The Pitch
As many other projects before this one started with a pitch. We had to pitch against two extremelly talented studios and were lucky enough to win with our "The Hover" concept.
At some point client asked us to go from more stylized motion-designy approach to photoreal CG and focus our exploration around engine-within-a-shoe idea.
Part II - Production
We ended up with a final concept of the shoe being tested in ultra-hitech, almost air force grade facility somewhere in year 2035 (or 2037, who knows?). All decisions regarding design of environment, engine / air bag and other props were made with this setting in mind.
Part III - Final still frames
Director: Ryan Dunn
Creative Directors: Danil Krivoruchko, Matt Wilson
Executive Producer: Corey Budro
Editor: John Zawisha, Mike Mendizibal
Storyboard Artist:: Armand Serrano
CG Supervisor: James Fisher
CG Lead: Entae Kim
Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong
Lead Modeler: Hung Ma
Modelers: Chin Lee
Lead Rigger: Steve Mann
Lead FX Artist: Alexey Cheprakov
Lead Lighter: Frank Grecco
Lighting TD's: Yun Cho, Will Atkin, Eric Schnell, Soo Hee Han
Pipeline TD: Paul Sultan
2D Designer/Animator: Dorian West
Photographer: Noah Fowler

Sound Design: The Lodge
Sound Designer: Jeff Hinton
Assistant Sound Designers: James Panepinto, George Mazur
Creative Director: Colin Thibadeau
Made in CHRLX
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Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Have you ever wondered what was inside the Air Zoom Elite 8 that made you so fast? Well, we've got the answer right here, in the form of an 8-cyl Read More