The brief for this project was to design a cool GT Vision concept for Volkswagen.
Gran Turismo 6 is a good platform for the brands to show their know-how but it’s also a video game so it has no limits. We, then, decided to use futuristic technologies like a xenon thruster (ionic engine) and supercapacitors to power the vehicle, Coandă effect to lift the vehicle and reduce air drag and laser wheels for frictionless steering. It also features sensors (G Force, temperature, altitude, inclination, etc…), 3D cameras and rear rotating wings for steering and airbraking.
We considered that the top view is the most relevant to create this type of vehicule. So after the ideation phase, we made a full scale tape drawing of the top view to get a sense of its proportions and give realistic dimensions to every elements. It also helped us to communicate with the 3D modeler.
Our first realization was that, in a game, you control a pilot that controls a vehicle. While being realistic, it’s not really immersive, so we decided to get rid of the pilot and make an unmanned vehicle instead.
Having no pilot, we were able to design an extremely aerodynamic vehicle, with long flat horizontal volumes, which echoes Volkswagen’s current DNA. Indeed, they have a strong desire to optimize and reduce the Cx of their vehicles, just like the
XL-1, for ultimate efficiency.
Nevertheless, we didn’t want to have anything like a grille or regular headlights but instead wanted to bring new features that could inspire new ways of designing their vehicles. That’s why, when it’s off, the INFINITE becomes a sculpture showing the design direction Volkswagen is heading to.
A smart textile changes shape thanks to electric current to modify aerodynamic of the vehicle and also cool down the engine during braking.
Finally, we thought that the project wouldn’t be complete without its integration in a video game. So in 2 weeks we did the 3D models, textures, animations and sounds of the vehicle, the racetrack and the environment and we programmed a video game by ourselves without prior knowledge. You can try the game at (works best in Chrome).