The Tufts Dance Collective (TDC) is the largest student-organization at Tufts University, boasting over 400 members each semester. TDC is known for its fun, loud semi-annual performances, and it creates a new promotional t-shirt for each one.
Final design for the Spring 2012 TDC Show
The TDC board approached me to create the look for their Spring 2012 show, entitled "Challenge Accepted", asking that it be representative of the wild and crazy nature of TDC. Using bright, bold colors and block fonts, I created a design that was remeniscent of the 1980's and 90's and is both fun and appealing to college students.
The fully completed shirt, worn during the show
The board members loved the design, and the shirt went on to be the most sold shirt in TDC history with over 800 sold.
TDC members dancing it out on stage during the 2012 Spring Show