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    Personal project - Mirror (text from exhibition catalog can be found below project photos)
// Memento pt. 2

The series of photographs "Mirror" by Luka Klikovac is a continuation of his previous project "Memento", in which he – through photographs of young people on the autopsy table – deals with the issues of life, death and time. In the series "Mirror", he focuses on the unfulfilled wishes, fantasies and imposed ideals. In short, on what we all, more or less, strive towards in our life, and what becomes totally irrelevant when it ends. The exhibition includes 10 photographs from the "Memento" cycle. Opposite to them, to create the impression of mirror image, there is the same number of photographs from the "Mirror" series. These are the same people who are, besides on the autopsy table, displayed in coffins. Their image of themselves is additionally emphasized by costumes, various equipment and lighting. The project by Luka Klikovac is directed to criticism of society, ideals, fiction, but it can also be connected with the very nature of photography. The biggest absurdity of the obsessions related to youth, time, life and death is that this same society, whether on personal or social and cultural level, cannot imagine life without photography. It is photography itself that has kept reminding us, since its first day and the first day of our life, of the transience and end.

Jelena Matic