Designer Resin Toys
Resin Designer Toys
From concept to finish, by Shea Brittain
WolfGirl Classic was designed, sculpted, molded, cast and airbrushed by Shea Brittain. They have inset English glass doll eyes and more definition in the wolf's pelt because of the mold. They are cast in poly resin (not rotocasted).
WolfGirl 2.0 has the addition of eyes and some small tweaks to WolfGirl's design. They are cast in tinted clear and pearl resins by MANA Studios. Some will be airbrushed by Shea Brittain.


WolfGirl Classic & WolfGirl 2.0 (One-offs and limited editions)

Smit the Duck (
One-offs and limited editions)

Sesame the Guru (Variety of colors)
Chibi WolfGirl (One-offs and limited editions)
Mad Sad Mouse (One-offs and limited editions)

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