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    Paperie for a fictional character's annual autumn harvest ball.
Beatrice Boudreaux's Autumn Harvest Ball
Assignment: Create the paperie for the fictional recluse Beatrice Boudreaux's first annual autumn harvest ball. Design everything from the hand delivered invitation to the menu and drink card to the thank you cards.

Implementation: Beatrice Boudreaux is not real, but if she was this would be one exceptional party. Beatrice belongs to a Cheese-of-the-Month club and insisted on including an individual-sized wheel of cheese with each invitation as an enticement for her guests. Working around this, I drew further inspiration from the ornate floral wallpaper in her home. I worked with a non traditional autumn color palette that still feels warm but does not draw associations to jack-o-lanterns and witches on broom sticks. Accenting each piece with a reference to the florals in Beatrice's home or a hand drawn illustration gives each piece a sense of comforting that might surprise Beatrice's guests, who are not exactly her friends but are anxious to get to know their reclusive neighbor. 
Invitation presentation- tri-fold invite, individually wrapped gourmet cheese with custom label, and miniature vintage saucer tied up in a trapezoid-shaped distressed box.
 Tri-Fold Invitation, Front and Back
At-the-door favor: gourmet cheese with custom label, program of events, and informational booklet about the Boudreaux family.
Program Interior
drink card, at bar.
thank you card, front and back, and envelope.
 Thank You Card
reminder email blast
info booklet, cover and interior spreads.