The show also included Wooley’s full stage disappearing dress, a magic dove, slick choreography and the dancing canes.
Empress is the first show created by the duo team of Anthony Johnson and Gene Wooley.
It features the Band “Empress” their lead singer Christine Perone, and the charismatic magician Yigal Mesika.  Ballet Magique  was the first to introduce Mesika’s “Phone Booth Illusion”.
The performance left the audience wowed!
Les Vampires is the story of a priest named Lavelle who falls for a beautiful woman. When she is abducted by the Vampires he has no choice but to chase the evil that has stolen his beloved away from him. With this tormented choice he might have to pay the ultimate price... his life. Les Vampires feature lots of “sleight of hand”,  disappearing, and floating. Les Vampires will excite you, move you and drive you wild with fear. Feel the pleasure of each bite!
MELANGE is the story of love, seduction and desire. Mélange means “mixture”. Everything about “Mélange” is magical, full intrigue, mystery and sensuality, from the “Don Wayne Ball Illusion” to course the dancers. With an array of talent from all over the world, Mélange features trapeze work, amazing acrobatics and ballet.
Ring of the Rose is story of a Japanese traveler who upon chance falls in love with a Chinese woman. Her brothers are in constant turmoil with the relationship as well as the cultural differences of the races. This turmoil leads to varied conflicts and choices when one of the brothers decides to take matters into his hands.
The Ring of Roses is a passionate love story full of high intense martial arts and various dance forms. Choreographed by Anthony Wayne Johnson with an innovative visual and illusion design by Gene Wooley.
Nominated for 4 Lester Horton Awards in Choreography, Costume design Set Design & Lighting, Nobutaka Mochimaru was named Male Dancer of the Year from the Beverly Hills Outlook
When men come face to to face with envy, desire, greed and chance, the joke and the joker become inflamed in a compelling ballet of cards. Choreographed by Anthony W Johnson, “EXPULSION” exposes the heat between Jack and Ace...and the deuce is bloody!
EXPLORE THE MYSTERY OF MAGIC AND ILLUSION! Mystique is Dance & Magic at its best and is set to premiere in 2010.