Adidas Hardcourt Bike Polo Shoe
A shoe designed specifically for Portland, Oregon teams
Hardcourt bike polo is an emerging sport with teams popping up worldwide.  Origins of the modern sport are believed to be Seattle, Washington in the early 2000's.  Tournaments are also emerging around the world with the first international tournament held in 2009 in Seattle.  I worked closely with the Portland group to design these shoes and Portland themes are embedded throughout the shoe. 
Some of the players from Portland United.
Themes and colorways were taken from Portland culture and origins.   Some big themes were Doug Fir Trees as well as beavers (an animal the players themselves adore).
Performance inspiration originated from Adidas pillars and polo origins (layering, tough materials and colorways)
Players were heavily involved for research and feedback.  Research was conducted using their current equipment and old worn out equipment.
Adidas stripes were adjusted to mimic a saw blade cutting through wood grain.  The serrated edge faces forward and wraps around the tooling to cur through the tread and to call back to Adidas early shoes using the serrated stripes.
Portland themes start to play in more, with the nickname of "stumptown" being an inspiration for the tooling tread and the Oregon state theme song "Oregon, My Oregon" being adjusted and changed to "Portland, My Portland". 
Final design on the Portland court.