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Graphic Designer
Joanna Tanigawa
My name is Joanna Tanigawa and I am a Graphic Designer. I graduated from the Academy of Art University in Graphic Design with an Associates of Arts Degree. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and love to spread what locals call the, "Aloha Spirit". It is a state of mind of friendliness, love, and caring for others. By incorporating this positive attitude, I treat my work that I produce like children of my own. Putting great care and detail into each project I'm faced with. My Hawaii roots have taught me to always listen to what others have to say and have an open mind. I love typography and creating new exciting ideas for various projects.

online ad for the Academy of Art University Student Feature Spotlight in the San Francisco Chronicle: December 25th Issue.

"To me good design means as little design as possible.
Simple is better than complicated.
Quiet is better than loud.
Unobtrusive is better than exciting.
Small is better than large. Light is better than heavy. Plain is better than coloured. Harmony is better than divergency. Being well balanced is better than being exalted. Continuity is better than change. Sparse is better than profuse. Neutral is better than aggressive. The obvious is better than that which must be sought. Few elements are better than many. A system is better than single elements." —Dieter Rams

Giving back to the community and helping others is my main belief in designing and life. My professional goal is to create and communicate ideas to an audience that will both better the world and/or help our community. With the mindset of creating art work for a better tomorrow is what drives me.

Resume, references, and sample work are available upon request.

Feel free to contact me:
e-mail: joanna.tanigawa@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Joanna Tanigawa
twitter:  JoannaTanigawa