Em Sua Casa, Brand & Web Site
Branding "Em Sua Casa"
The Primary objective for the log is to communicate hospitality, transparence
and confort giving at the same time a elegant and modern feel.

Icon, “Open Door”
A open door, its opening from the inside like if someone is opening the door to
invite oyu to enter. This represents the concept "Feel like oyu are at home".

Based on a modern and robust typeface it is clear to read and easy to use in any medium.
Web Site "Em Sua Casa"
Custom Designed and Developed
Easy to use interface so to search and find the home of your dreams.
- Fully Responsive for all screens and devices.
- Multi Language support (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish - possible to add more).
- Real State Property Management (custom developed WordPress plugin and system).
- Search Engine that is easy to use.
- Content Management System (via WordPress).
- SEO Optimized Markup.
- Google Analytics Integration.
Technical Details:
- WordPress Managed via Composer.
- Developed with Gulp and integrated tools.
- Git Version Control
- Uses a modern WordPress Stack, BedRock.
Em Sua Casa, Brand & Web Site

Em Sua Casa, Brand & Web Site

Branding and Web Site Design and Development for Real State agency "Em Sua Casa"

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