Keine Perfektion
An art express 2007 project 

Every person may have imagined what it would be like if they had a 100% symmetrical face. I want to introduce my artworks as well as Leonardo Da Vinci that has inspired me to think it through. He was an artist in the renaissance period that had a passion for perfecting the human face through painting and sculptures of the human body which intrigued him especially throughout that time. Renaissance period was a golden period where the artist explored the human body through their movement, expression and positions. Of course that came with it the obvious question: Can the renaissance artist deliver that perfection onto his paintings and artworks? It became an obsession rather than a goal. It was an obsession that drove him then to a long-lasting desire of questions. His questions revolved around the subject as to why god never created the person with perfection, and around the subject of anatomy. Leonardo was considered a perfected man for many people whenever they look upon his talented skills and remarkable knowledge. My artwork brings out Leonardo’s inner desire. The cause for that reason was looking at human beings themselves and noticing the difference in their faces. The deepness of the work and the carvings of the face is what driven him to accomplish that goal especially in a century where exploring the human body was of importance. The anatomy has been explored through this and this is part of the reason as why I am doing this artwork. He has created a notebook more than 200 drawings studying the human body and its proportionality. My artwork focuses on the physiological and mathematical understanding of the human face. 
Conceptual ArtworkAudience
The artwork targets art critics,historians, teachers, students, patrons and other  st
The artwork is a collection of mini artworks that are done over 8 months. It surrounds the subject of proportionality and symmetry. It is directly related to the anatomy of the human body from the influence of Leonardo Da Vinci. The materials used are very practical consisting of a mannequin head weighing at 40 kg, iron, string, and photographs of faces framed. The techniques used are hand made such as the iron, the sketching and the measurements taken. My artwork exist as representations of ideas related to anatomy, symmetry, and a more mathematical and physiological understanding of the human face. 
The world has been aware of the subjects of anatomy and it has brought many improvements towards sciences, math, and art. It has opened doors to many explorations of the human body and medicine discoveries through the field of biology. Yet, we notice that the primary reason why Leonardo studied the subject was because of the artistic movements happening and the obsession of creating perfection. The world has been shaped from that cause and all those indirect discoveries came from one of the major sources of humanity. It was one of those sources that lead to curing diseases, using new formulas to problem solving exercises, and improving the artistic sketching of the human.


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