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    Video stills from the CRT TV art video, Parallel Universes, by Marshall Barnes and created with his P.TVsynth(TM), Programable Television Synthes… Read More
    Video stills from the CRT TV art video, Parallel Universes, by Marshall Barnes and created with his P.TVsynth(TM), Programable Television Synthesizer(TM). All images copyright December 2012, and registered with MyFreeCopyright.com. All Rights Reserved. Available for sale in limited addition prints or an exclusive, single, large frame work, suitable for hanging in lobby, office or home. Read Less
These are stills from Marshall Barnes' first "CRT TV art" video, Parallel Universes, made with his invention, the P.TVsynth(™) or Programable Television Synthesizer (™). The term "CRT TV art" comes from the differentiation of how the images are made as opposed to other forms of video art, especially in today's digital age. The inherent nature of the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) television which, in its normal state, is analog, allows it to display information that its neutered cousin, the digital TV, cannot. Digital television is unnatural and encoded, resulting in pixels that lack the ability of free form movement outside of the rigid programming of the encoded signal. Any disruptions outside the normal picture result in blocky, distortions of the image.

Conversely, the P.TVsynth(™) makes use of the freedom of the analog signal, which can contain everything from a broadcast to the remnants of background radiation from the Big Bang - an impossibility for digital TV receivers. It is the ultimate expression of the television age - taking TV from being a passive information distribution tool, to be even more passively consumed, to being an active device - able to create special effects and receive data, for a ready mix, from the airwaves or external video input - with which the user actively participates to create original and highly imaginative art faster than digital will ever accomplish. The Excalibur of video production devices, producing a rainbow bridge between mind and machine, a translator between cosmic consciousness and the universe.

New Year's Day for 2012 will be the dawning of a New Age as Marshall officially releases Parallel Universes and begins a relentless onslaught of futuristic innovations that are created on his own terms and not dictated by anyone else's technology agenda or backwards way of missing the potentials that lay right in front of their face. For the art world this means the introduction of art made by the inputting of the electromagnetic signal from the STDTS(™), the first functioning prototype technology for warp drive and another invention of Marshall, into the P.TVsynth(™) to create art that is truly out of this world. To be released in a limited edition series, consisting of four phases, art appraisers are already predicting the value will go up after Marshall does his worldwide broadcast special of his proof of concept demonstration of the technology, in the late fall of 2012.

All the images here are Copyright December 2011 by Marshall Barnes and registered with MyFreeCopyright.com in advance of being released. All Rights Reserved by Marshall Barnes.