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    Desk and stool for children.
LaLa Furniture for children
by 8 Patas
LALA is the brand I created for my Product Design class, which features this first small collection of pieces designed for children. The designs we had to make were to be based on the cultural identity of El Salvador, while the final piece had to be made entirely out of wood and had to have multiple functions.
The concept for my design is loosely based on the story of the Cadejos, which are two dogs, one black and one white, which are part of the oral tradition of our country. For the purpose of the exercise I slightly changed the story of the Cadejos and based it on a story I wrote myself. 

Legend has it that once, there were two dogs who liked to scare the poor peasants who traveled at night. On of the dogs was white and big, while the other one was black and smaller.

The black dog posed as the black cadejo and scared away the peasants, while the white dog laughed and scared off the black dog before the peasants ran too far. And in that way the two dogs won their food, because the poor peasants, believing that the white cadejo had frightened the black one, gave the white dog their food.

One night, an old lady walked up the path with a bag of tamales bigger than herself. The dogs were anxiously waiting for her because they had smelled the tamales from afar. The night was a cloudy one, and God decided to clear away the clouds to see what was going on down on earth. Unlucky for the dogs, God heard them plotting how to steal the tamales and decided to punish them. He sent down a lightning bold that turned them into wood out of fright.
Testing the prototype.  
Revised measurements. 
 Both pieces are easily assembled at home. The box includes both the table and chair, screws and other assembly material, as well as a construction manual which includes step by step help, material care and the story.