Stockholm Puls
Airport Furniture Concept for Stockholm Arlanda Airport, SWEDAVIA

Swedavia is the largest operator and owner of airports in Sweden. Currently they operate 11 airports around the country, including the two major airports, Arlanda in Stockholm and Landvetter in Gothenburg. Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s largest international airport and today serves more than 20 million passengers per year. 

Due to the increased travel by air, airport design is an important factor to enhance passenger experience and satisfaction of the airports. The project Stockholm Puls was initiated together with Swedavia to increase passenger satisfaction and experience of the Arlanda airport. The goal was through new design of airport furniture create environments that meets the expectations of an increasing and more demanding number of passengers. 

The furniture series Stockholm Puls is designed with the passengers comfort in mind. The design was focused to create an area where travelers can comfortably rest, do their everyday activities while waiting for their flight. The unique features of Stockholm Puls is the combination of a sofa and a divan in the same furniture group, it provides the comfort of a sofa with the sitting ergonomics of a divan. This unique feature creates a furniture piece that satisfies the resting needs of a broad spectrum of travelers. An additional novel feature of Stockholm Puls is the unique flexibility of the furniture piece; the pieces can be separated to create specific areas for different resting and seating needs. 

To meet the high quality demands, durability and design required of a modern international airport, the materials were not only selected to meet but exceed these high demands. The base is made of thick matte stainless steel and the upholstery is made of the serviceable fabric Trevira CS.