Noise Asia Identity//亚洲传声标志设计
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    Noise Asia Identity
Noise Asia Record是香港独立唱片公司,专注于对世界范围内的当代音乐的出版、发行和推广。Noise Asia的前身是香港独立唱片公司Sound Factory(两生花)。该公司从1989年开始由李劲松和Henry Kwok共同运作,多年来一直从事世界各地众多的独立、实验音乐的进出口代理,以及致力于出版香港本地独立音乐的工作。1997年李劲松独立开设Noise Asia Ltd(亚洲传声)控股公司,下设Noise Asia Records唱片公司、Noise Asia Publishing 版权代理公司, Sound Factory Production 音乐制作和Dicksonia Audio唱片公司、Altmusic Association杂音音乐社,并建立多个音乐纲站。
2M2 Design UN 舒曼设计受邀为Noise Asia亚洲传声设计整套形象识别。标识的设计概念由原有标志中的“+”号得出。“+”更多的是强调不同生态的艺术形态之间的共存方式:包容,求同存异。

Noise Asia Ltd. is an independent record company based in Hong Kong, with its interest focuses on the publishing, distribution and promotion of all kinds of independent music around the world. Li Chin Sung, a music lover and an artist himself, established the company in October 1997. Prior to Noise Asia, Li Chin Sung co-founded Sound Factory with Henry Kwok in 1989, a company engaged in import and export of international independent/experimental music labels; also dedicated itself in releasing and promoting local independent music from Hong Kong underground music scene. In 1997, Li Chin Sung established Noise Asia Limited with several subsidiaries including Noise Asia Records, Noise Asia Publishing, Sound Factory Production, Dicksonia Audio, and Altmusic Association. In addition, numerous music websites have been set up accordingly.