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    Provide storyboard, copywriting and creative direction to produce a corporate video for Singapore Technologies Kinetics
The Scenario
Towards the end of 2011, after leading the creative team in a pitch that won us the SVS (part of ST Kinetics) account, one of the deliverables was to produce a corporate video that explains how their three manufacturing brands: JONYANG, HUATONG and BZK are merging to form TRXBUILD. However, it was a video we had to produce within a one-month timeframe. This means we will not have the time to shoot anything new and had to rely on old footages and imageries and appropriately present them.

The Process
The biggest challenge of producing this video, other than the near-impossible timeline and the fact that we did not have the time to shoot footages or even stills, was to produce a video that is trans language, since it would be used both in Singapore, as well as in China and possibly, many other territories. To accommodate these requirements, we decided from the beginning to use short and simple copy accompanied by music and imagery to tell the story. We then took back everything the client had, from snapshots taken with compact cameras to footages ripped off camcorders and sieved through everything to find bits and pieces we can use to build the story.

In this project, I was responsible for Concept, Storyboard, Screenplay, Creative Direction and Copywriting.