Mango Salute - Greeting Cards
An ongoing series of greeting cards for, a greeting card website. (Images are in order from newest work to oldest)
"Over the Moon"


 Sometimes you find someone who makes you feel over the moon. Done in corel painter.

"Birthday Ballet"

Just a little girl taking the world as her stage. Done in corel painter.
"Panda Hugs"1/14/2012Created primarily in Corel Painter, with a few touches in Adobe Photoshop. This card is designed to be an any-day sort of card, whether it be birthday, holiday, or just because. "Because Everyone Could Use A Panda Bear Hug."
"Baby Dragon" 1/3/2012
Done entirely in Corel Painter, this piece is a baby Chinese Dragon. The premise behind making the dragon a baby is to show that even something as large as a dragon has to start small. This card is marketed for a younger audience in mind. With a dual purpose, this card can be used for the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) or as a birthday, best wishes or just because. As such, this card was left blank on the inside to allow the buyer to tailor the card to fit any occasion. 
 "Spark Dragon" 12/27/2011
 Completely created from start to finish in Corel Painter. This greeting card helps to roll in the Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon. A semi-translucent Chinese Dragon appears to a young Chinese girl, a symbol of fortune and prosperity.