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    Print ads for the fictional Parker Brothers "Play Nice" campaign.
Play Nice Ad Campaign
Assignment: Create a 3-up print campaign for the popular board game brand Parker Brothers.

Implementation: More often than not (and nearly always if you have a dark sense of humor like I do), the funniest memories we make are those that don't start out funny at all. With this in mind, I created a campaign around the out-for-blood strategy that too many of our loved ones take when playing classic board games. By creating 3 separate narratives, these situations initially read as being quite intense, and then immediately the reader can draw a connection between this fictional tale and a memory that he or she most certainly has from their own personal game playing history, allowing the reader to see the silliness of the situation. This relationship between the content of the ad and the reader's personal connection works to evoke a feeling of nostalgia certain to push the reader to buy a Parker Brothers game to relive the fun of a night of classic board games.
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