animation by Trung Hoàng & Đạt Trương
“Can you show me something Vietnamese?”

It’s a simple question that’s oddly becoming quite difficult for the younger Vietnamese generations to answer.

It’s common knowledge that Vietnam’s culture is incredibly rich and diversified. Yet younger Vietnamese know very little. Why? The problem is that it continues to be taught in an outdated method. A method that doesn’t inspire or excite.
In response to this problem, we have developed ‘Infinite Vietnam’: an exciting platform offering a fresh perspective into Vietnam’s culture through graphic arts and communication designs. Infinite Vietnam is a non-profit, and aims to become a creative playground that examines every single characteristic of Vietnam’s vibrant culture.

We invite the international art community to hear our stories and walk with us as we explore the fascinating culture of this beautiful country called Vietnam.
If you are an amazing individual who have interest in this project, please join us, the project is currently happening at
Complicating things further, the meaning of most words varies according to the context of the conversation. For example, the word ‘Vietnamese’ itself can be understood as the people of Vietnam or the Vietnamese language.
Instead of telling you our stories this time, we’re gonna teach you our language. With this change of pace, hopefully you’ll find Vietnam more interesting and continue you’re learning of our country. Anticipated artists were asked to illustrate one word that meant the most to them.
Bự -
Củ Chuối -
Nguyễn Thế Mạnh -
Tú Bùi -
Thủy Mắt Tít -
Lê Phúc Lưu Dung -
Vân Nguyễn Kim Thanh
Đức Lương -
Khuyên Vũ -
Dương Trí Quân -
Công Thành - 
Thuận Ngự Lý -
Đặng Anh Quang -
Bes Yu -
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03 - Vietnamese

03 - Vietnamese

If you are an amazing individual who have interest in this project, please join us, the project is currently happening at