Early logo design
While doing lots of web design and back end i've never actualy attempted to create an App before. As apps are a now well grounded market, with a big user base I have decided it time to start "jumping on the band wagon" and having a go at creating my own app.
Radius (Name may change) is a layed back take on apps such as Tindr mixed with websites such as Omegle and Chat Roulette. I feel that whats missing from the app market is an app allowing users to meet new people without the stigma of relationships, having to look good and making a good impression. Radius allows users to find people in there local area to chat too, and allows them if they feel as though they want to, to reveal themselfs (maybe even their facebook profie) to a stranger and start a new friendship. If they don't want to they can simply press the big cross icon and they will never have to see the person again.
Radius is in early stages and currently being updated reguarly. It uses the Android WebView API to generate online pages (which are stored localy) and stores chats into a MongoDB database using Sockets.IO and Node.JS. Ill update designs here, and attempt to keep track of the development process.
Early designs for the chat section