Lego packaging going out of this world
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    This is the package i designed for the SCA Packaging Design Challenge, unfortunately it was not one of the finalists.
The Playship
The Package going out of this World
The pack Playship lives of its color, shape and concept. It´s not a simples packaging, it´s also a toy, it´s a "must have" for children and their parents.

Besides, it has another functiionality, it´s a backpack, that allows the visibility, reuse and transport of not just the bricks...
It shouts on the store. The Playship leads children to create a worldof fantasy and imagination.
“- I will take this home, no matter what.” Parents and kids will fall in love and talkabout it.

The qr code is a feature that allows theconsumer to see the rocket video, making the experience different andremarkable.
Should be made of Bioplastic. Bioplastics area form of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, ratherthan fossil-fuel plastics which are derived from petroleum.
The wings are uneven, theycan be stacked and balanced intelligently allowingits permanent storage and stackability. Justlike in LEGO, on the bottom of the thrusters we can find a circle that willhelp to connect to the secondary packaging and maintain stability on thetransportation.
The secondary packaging has an additionalinterior part that helps to maintain stability on the transportation. Theinterior of the secondary packaging is made from molded cellulose that aremade from recycled materials, which satisfies the requirementsof the packaging industry and also helps theenvironment. I think the LEGO pack can betransported in the most efficient way.