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Olympic, World & European Judo Photography
Above are a few JudoPhotos magazine front covers from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Holland and the USA.
A few book covers by JudoPhotos
Above are a few more magazine and book covers by JudoPhotos from Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Russia and the USA
JudoPhotos British Judo magazine front covers from the 1970s
A few of the thousands of JudoPhotos images on the world's greatest photo agency, Getty Images
A Finch JudoPhotos picture used on a giant billboard at the 2009 Rotterdam World Judo Championships
Finch pictures used in the French July 2009 judo magazine "L'esprit du Judo" from the Athens and Beijing Olympics

                  The world's leading judo editorial stock photo library
The front cover to the Olympic edition of Judo Crazy magazine with the friendly front cover picture of Olympic champion Majlinda Kelmendi of Kosovo and her coach Kuka and the silver medallist,  Odette Giuffrida of Italy.    

                            2014 twelve page ADIDAS judo calendar celebrating the success of the 2013 Rio World Judo Championships
                                  A poster picture used in a busy Dutch street to promote the local Ichikan Judo Club at http://www.ichikan.nl

         The 2017 Warsaw Europeans Opening Ceremony reported in the German 'Judo Magazin'.
A Judophotos 1975 picture from the Vienna World Judo Championships used on the 1997 Slovenia stamp to promote the Ljubjana Junior European Championships that took place that year.
The amazing "Harry Houdini" Rio Olympic escape by Great Britain's Sally Conway from a hold by World champion, Gevrise Emane France. Conway then held Emane for ippon on her way to the Olympic bronze medal.
December 2000 German Judo Magazin front cover showing Anna-Maria Gradante with her Sydney Olympic bronze medal and two team mates with Sydney Harbour bridge in the background. The picture was taken on board the MS Deutschland.
The 2012 Budokwai booklet and the club's links to Olympic Judo since 1964 when Budokwai members, Syd Hoare, Tony Sweeney and George Kerr participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games.
(Originally Judo Photos Unlimited in the analogue era)  was created by David Finch as a judo editorial stock photo library and has been in existence since 1973 recording British Judo since 1971, European Judo since 1974, World Judo since 1973 and Olympic Judo since 1980. 

     Currently Judophotos.com contributes to several international judo publications in Europe and around the world and has contributed to considerably more than 100 judo books, the latest being "Judo Evolution" by Neil Adams MBE and Oon Yeoh. It was published in December 2011 by Ippon Books, a subsidary of Fighting Films. Other 2011 projects included pictures reproduced in the Internationa Judo Federation's (IJF) 60th Anniversary book and displayed at two metres tall in the Lausanne Olympic Museum.

     Often images are supplied from stock to illustrate editorial articles ranging from judo etiquette and personalities to illustrations of techniques, styles of judo or competition sequences etc. See some of the pictures used as front covers, giant posters, stamps and on coaches and vans at www.judophotos.com. A few of these are displayed below. 

     Current January 2012 ventures include supplying 500 images for a Russian judo website and a future A3 coffee table book on Judo Champions and printed in three languages. 

     Member of the Sports Journalists Association since 1975 and the Association International Presse Sportif (AIPS) since 1979. Also, one of the 100 British photographers accredited for London 2012 and winner of the inaugural AIPS Judo Media Photographer Award presented at the 2011 Paris World Championships.

     Editors of magazines, newspapers and websites that would like to download images from the Judophotos.com website should email David Finch to set up an editor's account. The email address is davidfinch(a)judophotos.com

A picture of Ole Bischof of Germany (blue) attacking during the Beijing judo final and winning the gold medal used on the first page of the German Judo Federation London Olympic team website presentation. The other four Finch photos of Germany's Olympic gold medallists competing in the Moscow, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Athens Games were used on the same website.
 2010 centre spread in the monthly German Judo Magazine following the February 2010 Dusseldorf Grand Prix
 2008 centre spread in the French L'Spirit du Judo magazine showing Tadahiro Nomura winning his third Olympic gold medal at 2004 Athens Olympic Games
German Judo Magazine featuring Elske Klocke armlocking her opponent at the Godersberg Judo Club, Cologne,Germany
 2009 centre spread in the Dutch Judo Visie magazine that has a circulation of circa 60,000
JudoPhotos poster pictures used at the 2013 Rio World Championships Gala Dinner and Hall of Fame presentations. About 20 pictures of World nad Olympic champions were used all around the hall and these show (L-R) George Kerr CBE, Ryoko Tani and Kosei Inoue.
A picture of Royal Marine Chris Sherrington armlocking his opponent during the 2012 European Championships held in Chelyabinsk, Siberia used in the Daily Record newspaper report
 2009 Technik im Detail article and photographs by David Finch in the monthly German Judo Magazin
The Ichikawa Judo Club with a JudoPhotos picture of French Olympic champion, Lucie Decosse throwing for ippon at the 2009 European Championships.
2005 centre spread in the British Judo Matside magazine showing Craig Fallon throwing at the Tourni de Paris just before he won his Cairo 60kgs World Title
 2003 double page spread in the Russian 'My Judo' magazine showing pictures from the Dusseldorf European Judo Championships
Mark Huizinga of Holland (blue) throwing for ippon on his way to his Sydney Olympic gold medal.
 Front cover to the 1987 Olympic Judo books by Neil Adams showing him on his way to winning the 1981 World Championships
 1980 Finch portfolio of judo pictures in the British Judo Magazine shortly before the 1980 Moscow Olympics
 1980 front cover to the December issue of the British Judo Magazine with a picture from the 1980 Moscow Olympics
 Picture from the 1988 Seould Olympics used to advertise the 1990 Franfurt European Championships
 2008 front cover picture on the Swiss Dojo magazine showing Sergei Aschwanden delighted at winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics
 2006 poster advertising the Hatashita International Championships and featuring Keith Morgan of Canada
 2008 front cover to the Journal of Asian Martial Arts featuring George Kerr demonstrating kata at the 1983 Royal Albert Hall Budokwai display
Picture of the 2012 Paralympic German gold medal winning judo twins, Carmen and Ramona Brussig, used on a German sports calendar
 2008 front cover of the Russian My Judo magazine featuring Niklai Solodukhin of Russia during the seventies before he won his Olympic gold medal at the Moscow Games
 2008 front cover to the up-market SW6 magazine featuring Winston Gordon before the Beijing Olympics. Gordon is a member of Kensington's Budokwai judo club which is the oldest public judo club in Europe and started in 1918 by Gunji Koizumi
 2011 front cover to the German Judo Magazine featuring Romy Tarangul of Germany who is a potential medallist at the Lonon Olympics
Picture of Neil Adams winning the 1981 Maastricht World Championships final and the gold medal with an armlock on his Japanese opponent
 2011 double page spread in the British Matside Judo Magazine featuring Sophie Cox who won a bronze at the Istanbul Europeans that year
British Judo Magazine featuring a picture of Angelo Parisi throwing for ippon at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
 2011 centre spread in The Times featuring Kelly Edwards fighting at that year's Vienna Europeans
 2011 centre spread in the German Judo Magazin featuring Iljana Marzok fighting at the 2011 Paris World Championships
Insidethegames.biz picture of double VI World champion and Paralympic bronze medallist, Ben Quilter, proudly showing his medal during the London Games
 2008 poster advertising the Tre Torri judo suits and featuring one of the company's sponsored players, Rasul Boqiev of Tajikistan winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics
 2009 road side advertising poster for the 2009 Rotterdam World Championships featuring Henk Grol winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics
 2009 web image of Jade Inman, daughter of World champion Karen Briggs, featured in The Times newspaper and on the newspaper's website
 2009 website for Radio Caracas TV station featuring a picture from the 1988 Seoul Olympics
 2009 pictures of Beijing Olympic bronze medallist Deborah Gravenstijn advertising the 2009 Rotterdam World Championships on the side of coaches used to transport teams and officials during the event
 2009 picture of the British World Cup used to advertise Fighting Films
Olympic Judo front cover featuring a picture of Peter Seisenbacher of Austria throwing for ippon at the 1988 Seoul Olympics
 Very low resolution 2005 front cover of 100 years of USA Judo featuring a picture of Kevin Asano on his way to the Olympic silver medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics
 Four of the eight pictures in this photograph were by David Finch and enlarged to two metres tall from 35mm negatives taken in the seventies and eighties and displayed at the Lausanne Olympic Museum in 2011. This was to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the formation of the International Judo Federation (IJF).
 As above, David Finch pictures displayed at the Lausanne Olympic Museum in 2011.
 The 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony. Pictures of the Ceremony can be bought at  www.judophotos.com .
 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony
 The Beijing guards keep the road free of people to allow Presidents Bush and Putin to drive past a little later.
 2008 Olympic city Beijing at night
 Part of the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.
 "The man behind the camera". David Finch featured in a 1997 magazine shortly after the Paris World Championships.
Times header with a picture of British visually impaired double World champion, Ben Quilter, throwing his opponent during the 2012 London Paralympics where he won a bronze medal.
 Front cover to a 1998 issue of Judo Sport Journal
 2011 Deutsche Judo Bund (DJB) September calendar featuring Viola Waechter of Germany throwing her opponent for ippon at the 2010 Tokyo World Championships
 2006 April issue of the USA Strength & Conditioning Journal used a front cover picture from the final of the Athens Olympics 90kgs division when the Georgian, Zurab Zviadauri, threw Hiroshi Izumi of Japan for ippon. The publisher then carried the same front cover on its Japanese edition probably to the great dismay of Izumi. This picture and others from the Athens Olympics can be bought at www.judophotos.com.
Times double page picture of Ben Quilter being led onto the mat on the first day of the Judo Paralympics at London 2012 where he won the bronze medal. Quilter was a double World champion and expected to fight for the gold medal but had a pre-existing injury that prevented him from being at his best.
 2006 front cover of British Judo's April issue of Matside magazine featuring Michelle Rogers at the annual Paris Tournament. This picture can be purchased from www.judophotos.com.
                                                     A 2013 Love Judo magazine centrespread featuring an interview with Marti Malloy of the USA
                                                     The Buta Palace, Baku, Azerbaijan where the IJF Hall of Fame Gala Dinner took place on the 18 September 2018. 
Brian Jacks was the 1981 Superstar champion who recently visited the UK in 2018 to promote his new book "Mindset of a Champion" and was featured in The Sun and many other papers during his travels.
Sally Conway of Great Britain celebrating her bronze medal victory at the Rio Olympics featured on the BBC website.
Sally Conway of Great Britain celebrating her victory during the eliminations at the Rio Olympics featured on the BBC website.
David Finch Rio Olympic photos featured in the German Judo Magazine
Finch photo of Ashley McKenzie with his Commonwealth gold medal featured in The Telegraph
A Finch photo of Ashley McKenzie photographed before the London 2012 Olympics and featured in The Sun newspaper.
A Finch photo of Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Chris Sherrington, featured in the Daily Record
A Finch photo of Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Chris Sherrington, featured in The Mail Online website
Front cover to the July 2014 German Judo Magazine published by Meyer and Meyer
British Judo Association website in 2013 featuring a picture of London Olympic bronze medallist, Gemma Gibbons, after she won the Dusseldorf Grand Prix gold medal that year.
British Judo Association Matside magazine of January 2011 featuring a Finch picture of Kosie Inoue of Japan throwing for ippon at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games
The July 2008  Dutch Judo Visie magazine featuring Finch photos on the front cover in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics
The June 2008 Russian Judo Magazine front cover featuring a Finch photograph of Nickolay Solodukhin of Russia taken at the 1979 World Championships where he won the gold medal
The 2007 German edition of "Kodokan Judo" featuring a Finch picture from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics on the front cover. The book was published by Meyer & Meyer
A Finch picture used on a large Canadian poster to publicise the 2007 Toronto Hatashita Judo Tournament
The January 2007 German Judo Magazine front cover featuring a Finch picture of the German Olympic champion, Yvonne Boenisch
April 2006 Japanese Judo Magazine front cover featuring a Finch picture from the 2004 Athens Olympics
2006 Book and magazine front covers featuring Finch pictures from the Seoul, Atlanta and Sydney Olympics
Magazine pages from the June 2006 French Judo magazine "i'esprit du Judo" featuring Finch pictures from the 2006 Veteran World Judo Championships
June 2003 Russian Judo Magazine featuring Finch pictures from the 2003 Dusseldorf European Judo Championships
March 2003 Dutch "Judo Visie" magazine featuring a Finch picture of Edith Bosch on the front cover
1996 Ippon Books catalogue of judo books showing front covers all featuring Finch pictures with some as early as 1975
1995 book of "Attacking Judo" featuring a Finch photo from the 1981 World Judo Championships
1993 Spanish edition of a Judo Masterclass book published by Ippon Books in the UK featuring a 1981 picture from the Maastricht World Judo Championships
October 1992 Italian Judo Magazine with a Finch picture on the front cover from the Barcelona Olympics
1986 Olympic Judo book featuring front cover 1981 pictures by David Finch 
December 1980 British Judo Magazine featuring a Finch picture from the 1980 Moscow Olympics on the front cover
November 1975 British Judo Magazine featuring a Finch photo from the 1975 World Championships that would later be used by the Slovakia Post Office on a stamp to promote the 1999 Bratislava European Judo Championships.
December 1973 British Judo Magazine featuring a Finch photo on the front cover from the 1973 Lausanne Judo World championships
Above and below. Fourteen of the nineteen  Finch pictures on display at the Batu 2018 Hall of Fame Gala Dinner in Baku, Azerbaijan during the September 2018 World Judo Championships
Olympic, World & European Judo Photography

Olympic, World & European Judo Photography

Pictures for personal, editorial or advertising usage can be seen at www.judo.photos www.judophotos.com or at Getty Images http://bit.ly/GettyFin Read More